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cpu.h File Reference
#include <mrpt/core/common.h>
#include <array>
#include <string>
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class  mrpt::cpu::internal::CPU_analyzer
 Auxiliary class. More...




enum  mrpt::cpu::feature : unsigned int {
  mrpt::cpu::feature::MMX = 0, mrpt::cpu::feature::POPCNT, mrpt::cpu::feature::SSE, mrpt::cpu::feature::SSE2,
  mrpt::cpu::feature::SSE3, mrpt::cpu::feature::SSSE3, mrpt::cpu::feature::SSE4_1, mrpt::cpu::feature::SSE4_2,
  mrpt::cpu::feature::AVX, mrpt::cpu::feature::AVX2, mrpt::cpu::feature::FEATURE_COUNT
 OS-portable set of CPU feature definitions, for usage in mrpt::cpu::supports. More...


bool mrpt::cpu::supports (feature f) noexcept
 Returns true if the current CPU (and OS) supports the given CPU feature. More...
void mrpt::cpu::overrideDetectedFeature (feature f, bool newValue) noexcept
 Blindly enables/disables a CPU feature flag in the list of detected features to be reported in subsequent calls to mrpt::cpu::supports(). More...
std::string mrpt::cpu::features_as_string () noexcept
 Returns a string with detected features: "MMX:1 SSE2:0 etc.". More...

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