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mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_OpenCV Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class for grabing images from a "OpenCV"-compatible camera, or from an AVI video file.

See the constructor for the options when opening the camera.

Unless input from AVI files is required, it is recommended to use the more generic class mrpt::hwdrivers::CCameraSensor.

This class is only available when compiling MRPT with the flag "MRPT_HAS_OPENCV" defined.
Some code is based on the class CaptureCamera from the Orocos project.
See also
mrpt::hwdrivers::CCameraSensor, CImageGrabber_dc1394
The most generic camera grabber in MRPT: mrpt::hwdrivers::CCameraSensor

Definition at line 65 of file CImageGrabber_OpenCV.h.

#include <mrpt/hwdrivers/CImageGrabber_OpenCV.h>


struct  Impl

Public Member Functions

 CImageGrabber_OpenCV (int cameraIndex=-1, TCameraType cameraType=CAMERA_CV_AUTODETECT, const TCaptureCVOptions &options=TCaptureCVOptions())
 Constructor for cameras: More...
 CImageGrabber_OpenCV (const std::string &AVI_fileName)
 Constructor for AVI files: More...
virtual ~CImageGrabber_OpenCV ()
 Destructor. More...
bool isOpen () const
 Check whether the camera has been open successfully. More...
bool getObservation (mrpt::obs::CObservationImage &out_observation)
 Grab an image from the opened camera. More...

Protected Attributes

bool m_bInitialized
 Set to false if we could not initialize the camera. More...
mrpt::pimpl< Implm_capture

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CImageGrabber_OpenCV() [1/2]

CImageGrabber_OpenCV::CImageGrabber_OpenCV ( int  cameraIndex = -1,
TCameraType  cameraType = CAMERA_CV_AUTODETECT,
const TCaptureCVOptions options = TCaptureCVOptions() 

Constructor for cameras:

cameraIndexSet the camera index, or -1 if it does not matter and you select AUTODETECT as cameraType.
cameraTypeCan be any value of TCameraType, or CAMERA_CV_AUTODETECT if there is only one camera.
optionsCapture options, defined in mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureCVOptions. If not provided, all the default options will be used.

Definition at line 35 of file CImageGrabber_OpenCV.cpp.

References mrpt::hwdrivers::CAMERA_CV_AUTODETECT, mrpt::hwdrivers::CAMERA_CV_DC1394, mrpt::hwdrivers::CAMERA_CV_DSHOW, mrpt::hwdrivers::CAMERA_CV_MIL, mrpt::hwdrivers::CAMERA_CV_VFL, mrpt::hwdrivers::CAMERA_CV_VFW, mrpt::format(), mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureCVOptions::frame_height, mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureCVOptions::frame_width, mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureCVOptions::gain, mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureCVOptions::ieee1394_fps, mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureCVOptions::ieee1394_grayscale, m_bInitialized, m_capture, MRPT_END, MRPT_START, THROW_EXCEPTION, and THROW_EXCEPTION_FMT.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ CImageGrabber_OpenCV() [2/2]

CImageGrabber_OpenCV::CImageGrabber_OpenCV ( const std::string &  AVI_fileName)

Constructor for AVI files:

Definition at line 171 of file CImageGrabber_OpenCV.cpp.

References m_bInitialized, m_capture, MRPT_END, MRPT_START, and THROW_EXCEPTION.

◆ ~CImageGrabber_OpenCV()

CImageGrabber_OpenCV::~CImageGrabber_OpenCV ( )


Definition at line 197 of file CImageGrabber_OpenCV.cpp.

References m_bInitialized, and m_capture.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getObservation()

bool CImageGrabber_OpenCV::getObservation ( mrpt::obs::CObservationImage out_observation)

Grab an image from the opened camera.

out_observationThe object to be filled with sensed data.
false on any error, true if all go fine.

Definition at line 210 of file CImageGrabber_OpenCV.cpp.

References mrpt::obs::CObservationImage::image, m_bInitialized, m_capture, MRPT_END, MRPT_START, mrpt::system::now(), mrpt::img::SHALLOW_COPY, THROW_EXCEPTION, and mrpt::obs::CObservation::timestamp.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ isOpen()

bool mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_OpenCV::isOpen ( ) const

Check whether the camera has been open successfully.

Definition at line 98 of file CImageGrabber_OpenCV.h.

References m_bInitialized.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bInitialized

bool mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_OpenCV::m_bInitialized

Set to false if we could not initialize the camera.

Definition at line 70 of file CImageGrabber_OpenCV.h.

Referenced by CImageGrabber_OpenCV(), getObservation(), isOpen(), and ~CImageGrabber_OpenCV().

◆ m_capture

mrpt::pimpl<Impl> mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_OpenCV::m_capture

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