MRPT  1.9.9
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CDisplayWindow_WXAPP Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 842 of file WxSubsystem.cpp.

Inheritance diagram for CDisplayWindow_WXAPP:

Public Member Functions

bool OnInit () override
int OnExit () override

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnExit()

int CDisplayWindow_WXAPP::OnExit ( )

Definition at line 873 of file WxSubsystem.cpp.

References mrpt::gui::WxSubsystem::GetWxMainThreadInstance().

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ OnInit()

bool CDisplayWindow_WXAPP::OnInit ( )

Definition at line 849 of file WxSubsystem.cpp.

References mrpt::gui::WxSubsystem::GetWxMainThreadInstance(), and mrpt::gui::WxSubsystem::TWxMainThreadData::m_semWxMainThreadReady.

Here is the call graph for this function:

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