struct mrpt::vision::TMultiResMatchingOutput

Struct containing the output after matching multi-resolution SIFT-like descriptors.

#include <mrpt/vision/types.h>

struct TMultiResMatchingOutput

    int nMatches {0};
    std::vector<int> firstListCorrespondences;
    std::vector<int> secondListCorrespondences;
    std::vector<int> firstListFoundScales;
    std::vector<double> firstListDistance;

    // construction



std::vector<int> firstListCorrespondences

Contains the indexes within the second list corresponding to the first one.

std::vector<int> secondListCorrespondences

Contains the indexes within the first list corresponding to the second one.

std::vector<int> firstListFoundScales

Contains the scales of the first list where the correspondence was found.

std::vector<double> firstListDistance

Contains the distances between the descriptors.