template class mrpt::graphslam::deciders::CEmptyNRD

Empty Node Registration Decider.

Handy when you are testing other parts of the application but not the specific registration procedure

#include <mrpt/graphslam/NRD/CEmptyNRD.h>

template <class GRAPH_T = typename mrpt::graphs::CNetworkOfPoses2DInf>
class CEmptyNRD: public mrpt::graphslam::deciders::CNodeRegistrationDecider
    // typedefs

    typedef mrpt::graphslam::CRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer<GRAPH_T> parent_t;
    typedef typename GRAPH_T::constraint_t constraint_t;

    // construction



    virtual bool updateState(mrpt::obs::CActionCollection::Ptr action, mrpt::obs::CSensoryFrame::Ptr observations, mrpt::obs::CObservation::Ptr observation);
    virtual global_pose_t getCurrentRobotPosEstimation() const;
    virtual void getDescriptiveReport(std::string* report_str) const;

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef typename GRAPH_T::constraint_t::type_value pose_t;
    typedef typename GRAPH_T::global_pose_t global_pose_t;
    typedef mrpt::math::CMatrixFixed<double, constraint_t::state_length, constraint_t::state_length> inf_mat_t;

    // structs

    struct TMsg;


    virtual void setClassName(const std::string& name);
    bool isMultiRobotSlamClass();
    std::string getClassName() const;


typedef mrpt::graphslam::CRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer<GRAPH_T> parent_t

Handy typedefs.

Parent of current class

typedef typename GRAPH_T::constraint_t constraint_t

type of graph constraints


virtual bool updateState(mrpt::obs::CActionCollection::Ptr action, mrpt::obs::CSensoryFrame::Ptr observations, mrpt::obs::CObservation::Ptr observation)

Generic method for fetching the incremental action-observations (or observation-only) measurements.


True if operation was successful. Criteria for Success depend on the decider/optimizer implementing this method

virtual global_pose_t getCurrentRobotPosEstimation() const

Getter method for fetching the currently estimated robot position.

In single-robot situations this is most likely going to be the last registered node position + an position/uncertainty increment from that position

virtual void getDescriptiveReport(std::string* report_str) const

Fill the provided string with a detailed report of the decider/optimizer state.

Report should include (part of) the following:

  • Timing of important methods

  • Properties fo class at the current time

  • Logging of commands until current time