struct mrpt::nav::CAbstractNavigator::TargetInfo

Individual target info in CAbstractNavigator::TNavigationParamsBase and derived classes.

#include <mrpt/nav/reactive/CAbstractNavigator.h>

struct TargetInfo

    mrpt::math::TPose2D target_coords;
    std::string target_frame_id;
    float targetAllowedDistance {0.5};
    bool targetIsRelative {false};
    double targetDesiredRelSpeed {.05};
    bool targetIsIntermediaryWaypoint {          false};

    // construction



    std::string getAsText() const;
    bool operator == (const TargetInfo& o) const;
    bool operator != (const TargetInfo& o) const;


mrpt::math::TPose2D target_coords

Coordinates of desired target location.

Heading may be ignored by some reactive implementations.

std::string target_frame_id

(Default=”map”) Frame ID in which target is given.

Optional, use only for submapping applications.

float targetAllowedDistance {0.5}

(Default=0.5 meters) Allowed distance to target in order to end the navigation.

bool targetIsRelative {false}

(Default=false) Whether the target coordinates are in global coordinates (false) or are relative to the current robot pose (true).

double targetDesiredRelSpeed {.05}

(Default=.05) Desired relative speed (wrt maximum speed), in range [0,1], of the vehicle at target.

Holonomic nav methods will perform “slow down” approaching target only if this is “==.0”. Intermediary values will be honored only by the higher-level navigator, based on straight-line Euclidean distances.


std::string getAsText() const

Gets navigation params as a human-readable format.