struct mrpt::maps::CPointsMap::TLaserRange3DInsertContext

Helper struct used for internal_loadFromRangeScan3D_prepareOneRange()

#include <mrpt/maps/CPointsMap.h>

struct TLaserRange3DInsertContext

    mrpt::math::CMatrixDouble44 HM;
    const mrpt::obs::CObservation3DRangeScan& rangeScan;
    float scan_x;
    float scan_y;
    float scan_z;
    std::vector<float> fVars;
    std::vector<unsigned int> uVars;
    std::vector<uint8_t> bVars;

    // construction

    TLaserRange3DInsertContext(const mrpt::obs::CObservation3DRangeScan& _rangeScan);


mrpt::math::CMatrixDouble44 HM

Homog matrix of the local sensor pose within the robot.

float scan_x

In internal_loadFromRangeScan3D_prepareOneRange, these are the local coordinates of the scan points being inserted right now.

std::vector<float> fVars

Extra variables to be used as desired by the derived class.