MRPT release check-list

These notes are mostly for myself (J.L. Blanco), but hopefully they’ll be useful to someone else maintaining MRPT in the future… ;-)

1) Create packages of sources

  • Go to MRPT dir.

  • Edit doc/source/doxygen-docs/ and set the release date.

  • Do the final git commit before the release.

  • bash packaging/

  • bash packaging/

The packages are in $(HOME)/mrpt_release and $(HOME)/mrpt_debian

Now for windows binary packages: (see also the script: MRPT/scripts/automated_build_msvc_binary_package.bat) - Extract - Run the script: automated_create_all_windows_MSVC_MinGW_build_dirs.bat

Note: Since 2020, Windows binary package generation is also automated via AppVeyor CI.


  • Go to mrpt_debian/debian

  • Edit changelog

  • Build package:

cd ~/mrpt_debian/mrpt-*
debuild -S -sa
cd ..
lintian *.changes

3) Test build in Debian Unstable

  • sudo ARCH=amd64 DIST=sid pbuilder --update

  • sudo ARCH=amd64 DIST=sid pbuilder --build *.dsc

Test all binary pkgs with: lintian *.deb