struct mrpt::slam::CICP::TReturnInfo

The ICP algorithm return information.

#include <mrpt/slam/CICP.h>

struct TReturnInfo: public mrpt::slam::TMetricMapAlignmentResult

    unsigned int nIterations = 0;
    double goodness = 0;
    double quality = 0;
    double executionTime = 0;

    // construction



unsigned int nIterations = 0

The number of executed iterations until convergence.

double goodness = 0

A goodness measure for the alignment, it is a [0,1] range indicator of percentage of correspondences.

double quality = 0

A measure of the ‘quality’ of the local minimum of the sqr.

error found by the method. Higher values are better. Low values will be found in ill-conditioned situations (e.g. a corridor)