struct mrpt::maps::CGasConcentrationGridMap2D::TInsertionOptions

Parameters related with inserting observations into the map:

#include <mrpt/maps/CGasConcentrationGridMap2D.h>

struct TInsertionOptions:
    public mrpt::config::CLoadableOptions,
    public mrpt::maps::CRandomFieldGridMap2D::TInsertionOptionsCommon

    std::string gasSensorLabel;
    uint16_t enose_id {0};
    uint16_t gasSensorType {0x0000};
    std::string windSensorLabel;
    bool useWindInformation {            false};
    float advectionFreq;
    float std_windNoise_phi {0.2f};
    float std_windNoise_mod {0.2f};
    float default_wind_direction {0.0f};
    float default_wind_speed {               1.0f};
    float sigma {0.15f};
    float cutoffRadius;
    float R_min {0};
    double dm_sigma_omega {0.05};
    float KF_covSigma {0.35f};
    float KF_initialCellStd {1.0};
    float KF_observationModelNoise {0};
    float KF_defaultCellMeanValue {0};
    uint16_t KF_W_size {4};
    double GMRF_lambdaPrior {0.01f};
    double GMRF_lambdaObs {10.0f};
    double GMRF_lambdaObsLoss {0.0f};
    bool GMRF_use_occupancy_information {false};
    std::string GMRF_simplemap_file;
    std::string GMRF_gridmap_image_file;
    double GMRF_gridmap_image_res {0.01f};
    size_t GMRF_gridmap_image_cx {0};
    size_t GMRF_gridmap_image_cy {0};
    double GMRF_saturate_min;
    bool GMRF_skip_variance {false};

    // construction



    virtual void loadFromConfigFile(const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source, const std::string& section);
    virtual void dumpToTextStream(std::ostream& out) const;
    void internal_loadFromConfigFile_common(const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source, const std::string& section);
    void internal_dumpToTextStream_common(std::ostream& out) const;

Inherited Members


    float R_max {3};
    double GMRF_saturate_max;


    virtual void loadFromConfigFile(const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source, const std::string& section) = 0;
    void loadFromConfigFileName(const std::string& config_file, const std::string& section);
    virtual void saveToConfigFile(mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& target, const std::string& section) const;
    void saveToConfigFileName(const std::string& config_file, const std::string& section) const;
    void dumpToConsole() const;
    virtual void dumpToTextStream(std::ostream& out) const;


std::string gasSensorLabel

The label of the CObservationGasSensor used to generate the map.

uint16_t enose_id {0}

id for the enose used to generate this map (must be < gasGrid_count)

uint16_t gasSensorType {0x0000}

The sensor type for the gas concentration map (0x0000 ->mean of all installed sensors, 0x2600, 0x6810, …)

std::string windSensorLabel

The label of the WindSenor used to simulate advection.

float advectionFreq

Indicates if wind information must be used.

to simulate Advection

float std_windNoise_phi {0.2f}

Frequency for simulating advection (only used.

to transform wind speed to distance)

float default_wind_direction {0.0f}

The std to consider on.

wind information measurements

float sigma {0.15f}

The sigma of the “Parzen”-kernel Gaussian.

float cutoffRadius

The cutoff radius for updating cells.

float R_min {0}

Limits for normalization of sensor readings.

double dm_sigma_omega {0.05}

[DM/DM+V methods] The scaling parameter for the confidence “alpha” values (see the IROS 2009 paper; see CRandomFieldGridMap2D)

float KF_covSigma {0.35f}

The “sigma” for the initial covariance value between cells (in meters).

float KF_initialCellStd {1.0}

The initial standard deviation of each cell’s concentration (will be stored both at each cell’s structure and in the covariance matrix as variances in the diagonal) (in normalized concentration units).

float KF_observationModelNoise {0}

The sensor model noise (in normalized concentration units).

float KF_defaultCellMeanValue {0}

The default value for the mean of cells’ concentration.

uint16_t KF_W_size {4}

[mrKalmanApproximate] The size of the window of neighbor cells.

double GMRF_lambdaPrior {0.01f}

The information (Lambda) of fixed map constraints.

double GMRF_lambdaObs {10.0f}

The initial information (Lambda) of each observation (this information will decrease with time)

double GMRF_lambdaObsLoss {0.0f}

The loss of information of the observations with each iteration.

bool GMRF_use_occupancy_information {false}

whether to use information of an occupancy_gridmap map for building the GMRF

std::string GMRF_simplemap_file

simplemap_file name of the occupancy_gridmap

std::string GMRF_gridmap_image_file

image name of the occupancy_gridmap

double GMRF_gridmap_image_res {0.01f}

occupancy_gridmap resolution: size of each pixel (m)

size_t GMRF_gridmap_image_cx {0}

Pixel coordinates of the origin for the occupancy_gridmap.

size_t GMRF_gridmap_image_cy {0}

Pixel coordinates of the origin for the occupancy_gridmap.

double GMRF_saturate_min

(Default:-inf,+inf) Saturate the estimated mean in these limits

bool GMRF_skip_variance {false}

(Default:false) Skip the computation of the variance, just compute the mean



Default values loader.


virtual void loadFromConfigFile(const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source, const std::string& section)

This method load the options from a “.ini”-like file or memory-stored string list.

Only those parameters found in the given “section” and having the same name that the variable are loaded. Those not found in the file will stay with their previous values (usually the default values loaded at initialization). An example of an “.ini” file:

resolution    = 0.10   // blah blah...
modeSelection = 1      // 0=blah, 1=blah,...

See also:

loadFromConfigFileName, saveToConfigFile

virtual void dumpToTextStream(std::ostream& out) const

This method should clearly display all the contents of the structure in textual form, sending it to a std::ostream.

The default implementation in this base class relies on saveToConfigFile() to generate a plain text representation of all the parameters.

void internal_loadFromConfigFile_common(
    const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source,
    const std::string& section

See mrpt::config::CLoadableOptions.

void internal_dumpToTextStream_common(std::ostream& out) const

See mrpt::config::CLoadableOptions.