struct mrpt::opengl::CRenderizable::State

#include <mrpt/opengl/CRenderizable.h>

struct State

    std::string name = {};
    bool show_name = false;
    mrpt::img::TColor color = {0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff};
    float materialShininess = 0.2f;
    mrpt::poses::CPose3D pose;
    float scale_x = 1.0f;
    float scale_y = 1.0f;
    float scale_z = 1.0f;
    bool visible = true;
    bool castShadows = true;
    mrpt::math::TPoint3Df representativePoint {0, 0, 0};


mrpt::img::TColor color = {0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff}

RGBA components in the range [0,255].

mrpt::poses::CPose3D pose

SE(3) pose wrt the parent coordinate reference.

This class automatically holds the cached 3x3 rotation matrix for quick load into opengl stack.

float scale_x = 1.0f

Scale components to apply to the object (default=1)

bool visible = true

Is the object visible? (default=true)