struct mrpt::maps::TMatchingParams

Parameters for the determination of matchings between point clouds, etc.

See also:

CMetricMap::determineMatching2D, CMetricMap::determineMatching3D

#include <mrpt/maps/metric_map_types.h>

struct TMatchingParams

    float maxDistForCorrespondence {0.50f};
    float maxAngularDistForCorrespondence {.0f};
    bool onlyKeepTheClosest {true};
    bool onlyUniqueRobust {false};
    size_t decimation_other_map_points {1};
    size_t offset_other_map_points {0};
    mrpt::math::TPoint3D angularDistPivotPoint {0, 0, 0};

    // construction



float maxDistForCorrespondence {0.50f}

Maximum linear distance between two points to be paired (meters)

float maxAngularDistForCorrespondence {.0f}

Allowed “angular error” (in radians): this permits larger pairing threshold distances to more distant points.

bool onlyKeepTheClosest {true}

If set to true (default), only the closest correspondence will be returned.

If false all are returned.

bool onlyUniqueRobust {false}

Additional consistency filter: “onlyKeepTheClosest” allows one correspondence for each “local map” point, but many of them may have as corresponding pair the same “global point”, which this flag avoids.

size_t decimation_other_map_points {1}

(Default=1) Only consider 1 out of this number of points from the “other” map.

size_t offset_other_map_points {0}

Index of the first point in the “other” map to start checking for correspondences (Default=0)

mrpt::math::TPoint3D angularDistPivotPoint {0, 0, 0}

The point used to calculate angular distances: e.g.

the coordinates of the sensor for a 2D laser scanner.



Ctor: default values.