struct mrpt::maps::COccupancyGridMap2D::TCriticalPointsList

The structure used to store the set of Voronoi diagram critical points.

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#include <mrpt/maps/COccupancyGridMap2D.h>

struct TCriticalPointsList

    std::vector<int> x;
    std::vector<int> y;
    std::vector<int> clearance;
    std::vector<int> x_basis1;
    std::vector<int> y_basis1;
    std::vector<int> x_basis2;
    std::vector<int> y_basis2;


std::vector<int> x

The coordinates of critical point.

std::vector<int> clearance

The clearance of critical points, in 1/100 of cells.

std::vector<int> x_basis1

Their two first basis points coordinates.