Environment variables that MRPT looks for

The following environment variables may be set to alter some MRPT functionality:

  • MRPT_EXPR_VERBOSE: Set to 1 to enable extra verbose debug traces for mrpt::math::CRuntimeCompiledExpression::eval().

  • MRPT_CCAMERA_KINECT_TIMEOUT_MS: Timeout in milliseconds to wait for a new frame from a Kinect sensor when using the method mrpt::hwdrivers::CCamera::getNextFrame(). Default: 3000.

  • MRPT_HWDRIVERS_DEFAULT_LEAP_SECONDS: In mrpt::hwdrivers::CGPSInterface, the default offset from GPS time to UTC time, for use before any GNSS especific message informs on this offset. Default: 17 (valid for 01/2016)

  • MRPT_HWDRIVERS_VERBOSE`: Set to ``1 to enable verbose output to std::cout from all mrpt::hwdrivers classes. Default: 0.

  • MRPT_WXSUBSYS_TIMEOUT_MS: The timeout in milliseconds to wait in mrpt::gui windows constructors until the wxWidgets thread processes and really creates the window, before reporting an error. It’s also used in the function mrpt::hwdrivers::prepareVideoSourceFromUserSelection(). Default: 5000 in Release builds, 30000 in Debug builds.