MRPT  2.0.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 [mrpt-base]Mrpt-base: Obsolete in MRPT 2.0.0
 Scheduler helpers(in #include <mrpt/system/scheduler.h>)
 [mrpt-bayes]Bayesian filtering algorithms
 [mrpt-comms]Communication utilities: serial ports, networking (TCP, DNS,...), pub/sub nodelets
 Configuration file format in MRPTConfiguration ("INI"-like) file format in MRPT
 [mrpt-core]Core functions for MRPT
 Funtions in #include <mrpt/core/bits_math.h>
 Templates to declare integers by byte count (in#include <mrpt/core/integer_select.h>)
 Round functions (in #include <mrpt/core/round.h>)
 [mrpt-detectors]Computer-vision detectors
 [mrpt-graphs]Graphs data structures (directed graphs, trees, graphs of pose constraints), graphs algorithms
 [mrpt-graphslam]GraphSLAM algorithms
 [mrpt-gui]GUI support: 2D plots (Matlab-like), 3D rendering viewports, etc
 Utilities for MRPT-wxWidgets interfacing (in#include <mrpt/gui/WxUtils.h>)
 [mrpt-hmtslam]Hybrid Metric-Topological (HMT) SLAM implementation
 [mrpt-hwdrivers]Sensor and hardware-related drivers
 [mrpt-img]Basic computer vision data structures and tools: bitmap images, canvas, color maps, and pinhole camera models
 Color map functions (in #include<mrpt/img/color_maps.h>)
 [mrpt-kinematics]Kinematics of robot arms and mobile robots
 [mrpt-maps]Map representations for localization and SLAM
 libLAS interface for CPointsMap (in#include <mrpt/maps/CPointsMaps_liblas.h>)
 [mrpt-math]Math C++ library: vectors and matrices, probability distributions, statistics, geometry, etc
 Lightweight SE(2)/SE(3) types, geometry functions.Lightweight SE(2)/SE(3) data types, geometry functions, etc
 Vectors, matrices, linear AlgebraDynamic and fixed-size vectors and matrices, basic linear Algebra
 Custom I/O for math containers
 Statistics functions, probability distributions
 Filtering algorithms
 Fourier transform functions
 Fresnel integrals (`#include<mrpt/math/fresnel.h>`)
 Interpolation, least-squares fit, splines
 Vector and matrices mathematical operationsAnd other utilities
 Find polynomial roots (`#include<mrpt/math/poly_roots.h>`)
 RANSAC and other model fitting algorithms
 Gaussian PDF transformation functions
 Helper functions for MEX & MATLAB
 [mrpt-nanoflann]Embedded copy of the nanoflann C++11 library for KD-trees
 [mrpt-nav]Autonomous navigation, path planning
 Reactive navigation classes
 TP-Space and PTG classes
 Holonomic navigation methods
 Motion planning geometry utility functions(#include <mrpt/nav/nav_plan_geometry_utils.h>)
 Path planning
 [mrpt-obs]Observation classes for all kinds of robot sensors
 [mrpt-opengl]Visualization helpers for 3D rendering of all kind of primitives
 [mrpt-poses]SE(2)/SE(3) poses and probability distributions
 2D/3D points and poses
 Lie Algebra methods for SO(2),SO(3),SE(2),SE(3)
 2D/3D point and pose PDFs
 [mrpt-random]Random number generator C++ library support uniform, Gaussian, multivariable distributions
 [mrpt-ros1bridge]Conversion between MRPT and ROS 1 types
 [mrpt-rtti]Runtime Type Information (RTTI) library, providing compiler-independent class registry, class factory, and inheritance information
 [mrpt-serialization]Serialization (marshalling) portable library for C++ objects persistence
 Non-CStream serialization functions (in#include <mrpt/serializatin/CSerializable.h>)
 Serialization functions for ZMQ (v3Or above) (in #include <mrpt/serialization/serialization_zmq.h>)
 [mrpt-slam]SLAM and PF-localization algorithms
 Metric SLAM algorithms
 Data association
 [mrpt-system]An OS abstraction layer and other miscellaneous functionality: filesystem, date and time, memory handling and much more
 Time and date functions.Header: #include <mrpt/system/datetime.h>
 Directories, files, and file namesHeader: #include <mrpt/system/filesystem.h>
 OS and compiler abstractionHeader: #include <mrpt/system/os.h>
 Load and save vectors to files (in #include<mrpt/io/vector_loadsave.h>)
 CRC functionsHeader: #include <mrpt/system/crc.h>
 MD5 functionsHeader: #include <mrpt/system/md5.h>
 Memory utilitiesHeader: #include <mrpt/system/memory.h>
 String management and utilitiesHeader: #include <mrpt/system/string_utils.h>
 [mrpt-tfest]Algorithms to find optimal transformations from sets of correspondences
 [mrpt-topography]Topographic functions, geoid transformations
 [mrpt-typemeta]Metaprogramming header-only library to obtain constexpr textual string representations of enum types and type names, including smart pointers and complex STL compound types
 [mrpt-vision]Computer vision algorithms
 Feature detection, descriptors and matching
 KD-Tree construction of visualDescriptors
 Bundle-Adjustment methods
 Chessboard calibration
 Perspective-n-Point pose estimation
 Feature detection and tracking
 [mrpt-apps]Wrapper C++ classes for standalone MRPT applications
 Load matrix from CSV file (in #include <mrpt/io/csv.h>)
 Pointcloud adapter (wrapper) template classes(in #include <mrpt/opengl/pointcloud_adapters.h>)
 nanoflann C++ library for ANN
 Result set classes
 Load/save auxiliary functions
 Metric (distance) classes
 Parameter structs
 Memory allocation
 Auxiliary metaprogramming stuff
 KD-tree classes and adaptors

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