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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NmrptThis is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries
 NbayesThe namespace for Bayesian filtering algorithm: different particle filters and Kalman filter algorithms
 NdetailAuxiliary functions, for internal usage of MRPT classes
 NcompressData compression/decompression algorithms
 NzipCompression using the "zip" algorithm and from/to gzip (gz) files
 Nglobal_settingsGlobal variables to change the run-time behaviour of some MRPT classes within mrpt-base
 NgraphsAbstract graph and tree data structures, plus generic graph algorithms
 NdetailInternal functions for MRPT
 NgraphslamSLAM methods related to graphs of pose constraints
 NdetailInternal auxiliary classes
 NguiClasses for creating GUI windows for 2D and 3D visualization
 NdetailAuxiliary structures used internally to mrpt
 NhmtslamClasses related to the implementation of Hybrid Metric Topological (HMT) SLAM
 NhwdriversContains classes for various device interfaces
 NmathThis base provides a set of functions for maths stuff
 NjacobiansA collection of functions to compute jacobians of diverse transformations, etc (some functions are redirections to existing methods elsewhere, so this namespace is actually used with grouping purposes)
 NmrptDetermines whether this is an X86 or AMD64 platform
 NobsThis namespace contains representation of robot actions and observations
 NgnssGNSS (GPS) data structures, mainly for use within mrpt::obs::CObservationGPS
 NopenglThe namespace for 3D scene representation and rendering
 Ngl_utilsA set of auxiliary functions that can be called to render OpenGL primitives from MRPT or user code
 Ngraph_toolsTool functions for graphs of pose constraints
 Nstock_objectsA collection of pre-built 3D objects for quick insertion in opengl::COpenGLScene objects
 NposesClasses for 2D/3D geometry representation, both of single values and probability density distributions (PDFs) in many forms
 NdetailInternal, auxiliary templates for MRPT classes
 NrandomA namespace of pseudo-random numbers genrators of diferent distributions
 NsynchThis namespace provides multitask, synchronization utilities
 NsystemThis namespace provides a OS-independent interface to many useful functions: filenames manipulation, time and date, string parsing, file I/O, threading, memory allocation, etc
 NdetailAuxiliary classes used internally to MRPT
 NosThis namespace provides a OS-independent interface to low-level functions
 NtfestFunctions for estimating the optimal transformation between two frames of references given measurements of corresponding points
 NtopographyThis namespace provides topography helper functions, coordinate transformations
 NutilsClasses for serialization, sockets, ini-file manipulation, streams, list of properties-values, timewatch, extensions to STL
 NmetaprogrammingA set of utility objects for metaprogramming with STL algorithms
 NnetA set of useful routines for networking
 NvisionClasses for computer vision, detectors, features, etc
 NpinholeFunctions related to pinhole camera models, point projections, etc
 NpnpPerspective n Point (PnP) Algorithms toolkit for MRPT
 NxsensThe namespace of all Xsens software since 2006

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